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Wednesday, March 21, 2001

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From: Date: Thu, Mar 1, 2001, 9:00am (CST+1) To: Subject: Re: Bounty
Hello again, Rodney,
You can find out all sorts of information about our paper towels, ingredients and how they are made by going to our student site. Just click on to check it out!
You can also find all kinds of information on Bounty at Plus you can learn more about the paper-making process and the history of paper by visiting Also, paper products don't require MSDS sheets. To find out more information on this:
      go to
   type in MSDS in the seach field
   click on tissue/towels
I hope you find these sites helpful. Thanks for getting in touch with us!
USA Bounty Team
p.s. Don't forget to visit, your one-stop connection to P&G and its products:
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brand websites
  03/01/2001 01:22 AM
I have checked with every doctor I have been to and they all said there was no problem they could think of, but of course, they don't know what is in your product.
Would it be possible for you to send me the material safety data sheet on the ingredients of your product, so I can decide for myself?
I am not trying to get you to commit your company to any liability concerning my new habit, I just want to decide for my self how safe it is for my own peace of mind.
Unless it is poisonous or something, I think it is better than tobacco or gum, and a little bit will last for hours.
Hello Rodney.
Bounty towels are not meant to be chewed on or ingested. I would recommend you talk with your doctor.     02/28/2001 01:09 AM
EMail =
Language = English
Content = "Are Bounty towels safe to chew on for extended peiods of time? I have been doing so for several months now with no problems, but would like to know if anything in them is less than healthy."

Prisons: The Largest Hotel Chain in Texas
Overcrowded and understaffed, Texas prisons are nearing the meltdown stage. it wasn't always that way. A few years ago some California lawyers and an activist federal judge ruined whhat was widely acknowledged as the best prison system in the nation. The old judge reached into the pockets of Texas taxpayers and extracted several billion dollars, forcing Texans to undertake the largest prison expansion program in the history of the world.
In this unblinking look at the past and present of Texas prisons, crucial questions are raised: Does the Texas prison system do what the people of Texas want it to do? Does it rehabilitate? Do our prisons make our society safe? can we win the war on drugs? Is education synonymous with rehabilitation? Will Texas always have a need for the death penalty? You may not agree with the author's answers to these questions, but you won't be able to forget the stark reality of his story.
Lon bennett Glenn began his career with the Texas Prison System in 1966, when at the age of twenty-one he signed on as prison guard at the Clemens Unit in Brazoria County. As he worked his way through the ranks to the position of warden, the prison system underwent tremendous change. Glenn, now of Angleton, Texas has survived the convicts, the politicians, the press, arbitrary prison administrations, lawyers, and federal courts to tell a story that the public deserves to know.
From: Eakin Press
      P. O. Box 90159
      Austin, Texas - 78709-0159
            ISBN 1-57168-522-7
            Phone: 1-800-880-8642