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There you are, taking a nice leisurely little ride in the rolling hills. You're on a two lane road with nice wide shoulders when you notice a big truck coming up behind you. There's a hill coming up, so you decide to move on to the shoulder to let the truck go by.....but there's no reason to hurry.......why not wait till he's a little closer so you don't have to drive on the shoulder any longer than you have to?

You wait till he is about 100 feet away and already slowed down, then you gradually move over to let him pass..........but what's wrong here?.....why is he staying back there?.......why doesn't he pass?.......he sure was in a hurry coming down that last hill, I wonder why he slowed down now?

Well, there you are at the top of the hill and he hasn't passed, he must have decided to follow you instead, so go ahead and pull back out in the lane in front of him.

Would you look at that! Now, after all the way up that last hill, here he is wanting to pass again! What a jerk!

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