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Life on the road is a powerful addiction
One that's hard to break
You know you could find a more comfortable job
But you've just got too much at stake

The truck that you're driving needs a new set of tires
And the motor's been leakng some oil
And the kids need new clothes, and the wife lost her job
So it's out on the road that you toil

The house where you're hardly ever at home
Will be yours in seven more years
And your wife does her part in keeping it up
As her eyes fill with loneliness tears

Cause it's hard when a husband is gone for so long
For a wife to be home all alone
But she knows that you're doing the best that you can
And you don't really like being gone

She knows that you'd like to be home all the time
But the bills won't allow it to be
So you're out on the road cause it's what you do best
And someday you both will be free

Some day when the house has been paid for a while
And you've managed to save up a bit
And the kids will be grown and you'll be all alone
To enjoy a leisurly sit

And you'll sit there and snuggle and hug on the swing
And remember the life that you led
And think of the days that you both were alone
In your sleeper and her in her bed

For the good times to come you must both sacrifice
And maybe it wont seem too long
Till you're bills are all paid and the runs are all local
And you just wont have to be gone

Yes, everyone has to have him a dream
To give him the will to survive
To pack up and leave his beautiful wife
To go on a seven day drive

To do what he loves, though he hates how he feels
At the thought of the pain she endures
But the bills all come in and the truck is fueled up
And out there the highway still lures

Yes, she knows that you do it for the good of the family
And she knows that you do it for love
So she waves you goodbye and as you drive away
She prays to the man up above

To give her the courage to accept that you're gone
To provide for your family's needs
And that soon you'll be back safe and sound in her arms
Long before her heart once again bleeds


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