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Well I know it must be true, I heard it on Paul Harvey. He said the government was sure they could save lives if only they would put a device on every truck that would show how many miles and hours a truck was run in a day. He also said they wanted to limit a drivers day to 12 hours of work, so they cold get enough rest.


Is that going to stop tired truckers?

I think not.

If anything it may give some of them more time at the local bars. Get off early..... happy figure it out!

I've decided that politicians need to find a hobby other than playing with their toy trucks.

Every time they run out of something to do they decide to make trucks safer. Maybe someone can tell me how safe does a truck have to be?

I guess someday when all the trucks are made to run 30 miles per hour for no more than five hours a day.

When all the drivers are in good enough shape to shame a Marine.

When all the trucks are retired after 100,000 miles.

When trucks all have six feet of foam padding all the way around.

Maybe then they will leave us alone.

I can dream, can't I?

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