Truckers' Hell

the thoughts of Wayoutwally

The back gets sore,the eyes get red
The knees feel like they're broken
You get so bored, sometimes you think
It's time you took up smoking

Your mind has gone a million miles
But you've only gone a few
The road looks like it did last week
The last time you passed through

You've chased that stripe, so long it seems
There's nothing new to see
You've been so many places
There's no place new to be

You've gone through, more sets of tires
Than most folks use in their life
You're in your third truck, since you started
You're past your second wife

You were there when that truckstop waitress got married
There in the dining room
But you missed your son's, first homerun
When was that again, last June?

You saw the president's motorcade
When it went by in D.C.
But you were'nt there, the day your daughter
Fell out of that tree

The years went by, and you got older
Too old to learn a new trade
It seems life dealt you a sorry hand
But that's the hand that you played

And now it seems, that you've lost everything
That you ever had, but that truck
But it's your's, and it's running, and I guess that's something
So maybe you still have some luck


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