Truckers' Hell

the thoughts of Wayoutwally

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To drive a truck is really swell

It isn't all a TRUCKERS' HELL

You get to see the sites for free

From miles of deserts, to miles of trees

There's always a lot a new people to meet

And you always know the best place to eat

Motel reservations are no big deal

You've got your home right behind the wheel

When you get where you're going it's a real perk too

Cause there's always someone who's waiting for YOU

Yes what could be better than riding high

In an air ride seat that touches the sky

Up in that seat you can see for miles

And just a toot of the horn brings childrens' smiles

And just think, they pay you for all this fun

And next week they'll give you another run

And there'll be more to see, and more childrens' smiles

And your fun will go on a few more miles

Yes those who drive trucks have a pretty good time

And they pay you to do it: IT SHOULD BE A CRIME!