Truckers' Hell

The thoughts of Wayoutwally

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Where is he?

I know that somewhere out there a good lawyer is sitting around just waiting for his chance to make it big. Waiting for that one big case which will propel him from the midst of obscurity, all the way to the corner office.

I know that somewhere he sits in some tiny cubicle, searching through stacks of books and papers, looking for that one bit of information that will save some poor client from being sent away for twenty years, or maybe sued for a million dollers. And for what? So that his boss can buy a bigger yacht next year?

I know he's out there, with no idea where that one big chance will come from. Waiting and wondering if all that time and money he spent becoming a lawyer was worth it.

Well I just happen to know a way for him to become famous, if not rich, and help the little guy too.

Did I get your attention, Mr. Attorney? Well good, because I,for one, think you can do it.

What, you may ask could posssibly do so much good for so many people, and still make you famous? It's simple, sue the United States Government for the Constitutional rights of truckers. Think about it. Truckers have been taken advantage of for so long that it seems to be some kind of hobby for the politicians. Need more money? Lets find something else to make illegal for truckers to do.

A traveling salesman in a Ford can drive 90 mph. with his radar detector, but a truck trying to not make a mistake of speeding, can't have one.

It's not legal to set up a road block to check for possible drunks, but lets stop all those pesky trucks coming down the road and see if they don't have the proper paperwork. While we have them there lets weigh them, in case they might be trying to slip by with to much of a load.

You know what? Why don't we just take away their license if they don't stop at a flashing railroad crossing. Nevermind that it's broken and been flashing all day, it's illegal, damn it, and they must learn!

It's ok for a teenager to get a license to drive with little experience, then give him a new high powered sports car to go out drinking in, but we really need to make sure those big ole trucks have safe drivers. Heaven forbid they may be a little tired from driving one hour too long.

Bubba's pickup leaks water, burns oil, has a broken windshield, and is carrying a thousand pounds of stolen railroad ties, but that's just Bubba. But now that new KW has a clearance light out, so we must inspect that truck from top to bottom.

I don't know about you, but I for one think my rights have been violated, and somewhere out there in the legal profession there lives a good upstanding lawyer, just waiting for a chance to make it big. Waiting for an opertunity to do some good for the little guy. Willing to stand up to the big time politicians, and do the right thing. And I, for one am ready for a savior.


Now that was said, lets continue.

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