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Wayoutwally's Page Builder Tools

Draacs Gifs
Every gif you could ever want
Flaming Text
A tool for building logos and such
3D Text Maker
A tool for building banners
Jump box generator
A tool for building those pull down list boxes
Stn's WebTv Tools
Everything you need in one place
The WebTv Utility
My favorite tool for web page building
WebTv Use Style Buttons
Find the button you like and take it for your site
Advanced HTML Guide
Help for all your HTML questions
WebTv Planet
Help with those things you were wondering about
JavaScript Samples
Pretty much what the name implies
Javascripts For Homepages
Another list of javascripts you can use
Ralph's Forms, Javascripts, and HTML
What the title says
Totally WebTV Lines
A place to get some lines
Writing on a Picture
Tells you how to write on a picture in your webpage
Color Chart
A place to find the color codes you need for your page
Marquee Thingy Maker
A tool to make those moving words
Dave's Marquee Page
Examples and codes for making marquees
Millennium Free Guestbooks
A list of guest book suppliers
Page Dividers
Lines for WebTv users to link to
Star Boulevard Transloader
This you must learn to use and assign an F-key
Table Generator
A tool that will build those pesky tables for you
WebTv Toy Box
Some neat hints you can use
A tool for manipulating graphics
WebTv Wizzard HTML help
Learn to use HTML


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